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26 Sep 2016

NEW! Lightroom and Photoshop course!

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Have you ever wondered how people get that extra bit of oomph! into their photos? How they take them the extra mile from simply jaw dropping to eye popping?

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop may well be the answer you’re looking for. These apps are vital to tweaking the bet out of your images, they help you maximise what you have available and show it in the best light.

And we’ve just launched our introduction to Lightroom and Photoshop for bloggers, a course moulded directly for bloggers who want to publish their photos online!

If you’ve ever been scared of looking at them, fear not, the Blogger Skills Academy is here to save you! We’ll guide you through the basics of setting up your catalogues, importing images and editing. Once you know the basics, you’ll see there’s nothing to fear and these apps can really raise your blogging game.

Also, it can save the day. Lightroom can help rescue dark, muddy or dull shots and make them sparkles as if they were shot on a summer’s day. Removing dust spots and errant hairs will be a breeze as you learn how to edit and clone areas of your image.

It’s a half day course, just £49 and you’ll get all the tips and tools you need to go away and tweak your photos to the max. The first class is on Saturday 3rd December and you can book through our courses page HERE.


Lightroom Photoshop Tutorials

Lightroom Photoshop Tutorials

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