Blogger Skills Academy Launch Day!

Blogger Skills Academy Food Photography Class
6 Sep 2016

Blogger Skills Academy Launch Day!

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Sunday 4th September saw the launch day of the Blogger Skills Academy, a fun day of learning where we hosted a ‘Simple Food Photography’ class for a bunch of food and photography hungry bloggers.

Simple Food Photography.

The stage was set and everything was in place. A bright and light photography studio in East London, food photography books, lovely coffee and tea from Rave Coffee and The London Tea Company. Fresh pastries, fruit, nuts, seeds and a hearty lunch booked. Not to mention a couple of free gifts and a whole day of photography tips, tricks and practical sessions, we even had a resident pooch.

We started the day looking at a luscious image of some mouth watering pancakes, scattered with blueberries and dripping with syrup, then deconstructed it. Gradually, step by step, we re-created the image, until the final session saw each student capturing the ‘hero’ shot of a mountain of pancakes, with a torrent of syrup drizzling down onto them.

At the end of the day, all of the bloggers went away with an amazing action shot, styled, composed and created by themselves, then captured with glistening syrup being drizzled over the top.

I had great fun teaching the class and can’t wait for the next date! Check out our courses page for more details.

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