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Who Are We?

The Blogger Skills Academy was formed in 2016 by food blogger Gavin Wren of lepetitoeuf.com, after he found a new career and direction in life solely through blogging and the places it took him.

As a result of this professional transformation he felt an urge to help other people achieve the same progression, to help them develop their creative souls and nurture their passions, allowing them to flourish professionally.

The underlying ethos of the Blogger Skills Academy is that blogging is the perfect creative channel to develop and find something more in life.

This is achieved by learning practical skills and teaching professional techniques, shaped and moulded to the working environment of a blogger. Blogging can become a professional pursuit for those who engage in it and should be treated as such. We help make the transition from being an amateur hobby blogger to a professional creative.

We believe the skills which help create a fantastic blog are better learned in practical, real-life situations, interacting in small groups alongside other bloggers, which can help to further your abilities far quicker than you can alone.

We also believe in real life socialising. Meeting and befriending other bloggers offline is a fantastically rewarding experiences, a great source of learning and a massive motivator. That’s why we’ve created the Blogger Skills Academy Alumni, so that you have a place to learn from one another and ask questions after we’ve all gone home for the day.


Who Are you?

If you’re a blogger who has professional experience that you’d love to share, we’re always looking for you enthusiastic people to help broaden our class schedule. Just get in touch for a chat.


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